Flesh Foam Bread Bone

by Fey Moth

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Steve Lake
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Steve Lake I really enjoy the vocal arrangements on this...now I feel guilty that I didn't give more but this one was another "find" that I made while "window shopping" on BC but that's okay, I'll make up for it on the next ones. There will be next ones. Favorite track: We Are Mostly Water.
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released May 1, 2011



all rights reserved


Fey Moth Seattle, Washington

Electronic Music from Seattle, Washington

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Track Name: Burn The House Down
I caught a fish
He bit, my heart she quickened
i set the hook, i fought a day to land
a hot pan, a butter fry
but in the morning
the kitchen swimming
a million fishies
staring with their fishie eyes

should we burn the house down?

the clock wound tight
the time a little tumbling
and i been wondering
how to find a way outside
outside the ticking brick walls
two million staring fishie eyes
into the forest
under the moth-bit sky

should we burn the house down?

should we burn the house down, send it to the sky
warm our frozen bones in the fire
and in the ashes, no eyes can find us
outside of time, no walls around us

should we burn the house down?
Track Name: Flesh Foam Bread Bone
You say my name like a drop on my eye lid
Feathery hum in my tum and a drumming in my lips
I could wish you away, I could try this
Then a thought pulls you up and my body is yours

Don’t need to see you to be under you
To water like eyes in the sun of you
I am yours, I am flesh, I am foam for you
Bread and bone for you
Flesh, foam, bread, bone

Together with you and I’m out of my head
Let’s build a fort and crawl inside of it
It’s an engine and we are a part of it
Rest of the world becomes just a sound effect

Don’t need to see you…

Wires and mobiles and flickering lights
Smell of booze and you try on my sight
If you stay we could color all night
But our tongues are swollen WITH wanting to bight
Light from another room us in between
Filled to my lids with a mad fluttering
You on my tongue and me thrown by your city
Me on my back and you up on the ceiling

It fills me up when I holler your name
Holler it silent, it hits in the same place
Tinkling noise that I feel in my fingertips
When I think about touching your face

Don’t need to see you…
Track Name: Pudding Sky
I drive I-5
Under a pudding sky
My old shocks
I feel the potholes underneath my thighs
underneath my thighs
I have a dirty mind
I have a mind to cry
You’re always off somewhere
I’m always off somewhere
And we are always here and there alone
And I am all alone and I . . .

I want you to know
That I’d forgive you anything
And I’m a hateful beast
But I’ll always sing for you

I like your style
Casual in a f***-you-sort-of-way
And was it luck to find you?
Or was it awful luck to find you?
I don’t know . . .

I want you to know
That I’d forgive you anything
And I’m a hateful beast
But I’ll always sing for you

And in a pudding sky
I try to say goodbye
And then you turn up again
And I climb and I slide
Into the driver’s side
You polish off my life
And I would do it again
Maybe seven times
Track Name: We Are Mostly Water
mostly water
wants to fall
to where it settles
fill it all
fill it up, fill it up...

you don't like bounds
you slide between
flow beneath
i see you found a way
to liquify me
i’ll slip through
those slender hands
if you try to hold me still
i will vaporize
if you turn up the heat

we are mostly water

yes it's true i am naive
you say you know what i need
but there is something you don't see
i will flow around if you try to dam me
damn you, don't try to dam me

she asked for some
she got too much
it's not enough
it's so too much
fills an empty
so long empty
can't sink in
it floods, it floods

o still [water]
what do you see?
you see blue sky reflected
not the mud and weeds
beneath the surface
the monstrous freak
lurking down below
ready to feed
she asked for some
she got too much
it's not enough
it's so too much
fills an empty
so long empty
can't sink in
it floods, it floods
we are mostly water

and this, this is not about "you and me"
this is about you
this is about me
Track Name: Like Chimpanzees
Chase me up the stairwell
Echo our shrieking
Waking the whole building
Grinning like chimpanzees

Feed me
Would you feed me?

I stomp, stomp on the floor
Let’s get lost in some music together
Bent to the ground, laughing too loud and too long
Rolling over each other

Feed me
Would you feed me?

Could be olives or fresh figs
International politics
Cheeseburgers or ribs
A song or a script, a tongue or an eyelid
Not what I foresee
Just what I hope to be
Grinning with you
Like chimpanzees

I want to know what you are afraid of
I want to know what frightens you most
I want to eat what you are afraid of
Chew and bight what frightens you most
Chewing bighting eating laughing, scratching grinning

Turn out all the lights
Find my mouth, grope around
Like a litter of puppies
Crawling over each other, eyes still glued shut
Chase me up the stairwell
Make me giggle
Feed me would you feed me
I don’t care what

Feed me
Would you feed me?

I want to know what taste, I put you in my mouth
Been wondering,
What taste
I put you in my mouth
Like chimpanzees
Track Name: Leather And Rhinestone
Forked tongues, fired guns
Running from the truth
What we knew but we didn’t want to see through
My boots still caked in mud
What I knew but I couldn’t take enough
You said you di’n’t want to lose me
Must’ve been that loose tongue you loosed on me
Down in the mud with a gun
All boozed up on this stuff

Pull the trigger

We were wax dolls in that heat
Lost our form, got messy
We were honeybees
Pollen drunk, heavy winged
Bottle flies, buzzing green
Sick on sun, shiny, revolting
I would die, don’t analyze
Just hold me

Don’t analyze
Just touch me
Don’t close your eyes
Just watch me

Leather and rhinestone
Fire and brimstone
Lover got a tombstone

Pull the trigger

How did it start? I can’t recall
We thought too much, di’n’t think at all
And I can’t slough it off
With you still wanting just enough
I’m slammed against the wall
Can’t get enough, can’t think at all
I want the scent, the call
The mud, the blood, the belly full of trouble

We were the wily wolves to each others’ sheep
Seven nights or seven weeks of stolen slaughtered sleep
I bleed you out, soak in the black of you
But I can’t clean it off, I can’t come clean of you

Leather and rhinestone holster
Crack pot spit shot pistol-packer
Amputate and cauterize
Kerosene stained lips, lithe limbs too loose to master
Tender heart, tinder for a bonfire
Shoot it full of hate
Come on, pull the trigger

Leather and rhinestone
Fire and brimstone
Lover got a tombstone
Track Name: May Day
She’s feeling all astray today
She kind of wants to go away
an eraser, a waning list of names
‘cause if she called them, what would she say?

May day

The morning birds, they never sang
maybe she never woke, maybe he’s not to blame
the shades drawn, a new dawn, a new day
another aching heap of gray

may day

she places the chocolate on her tongue, waits for the taste
to shake her from her daze
she is afraid that she scared them all away
she is afraid the thread is threateningly close to the blade

may day
Track Name: Skylarks Lucky
I like hanging out with you
Some of the ugly parts too
I cook ‘em up in a stew
Spit it out and laugh because of you

You are agreeable to me
I like the way you shrug when I’m crazy
Handle me like a live wire
Then through thinking, irritate me

Maybe G-rated
Maybe no money
Maybe I shout but then everything’s funny
See, we are skylarks lucky

But I still want you to want me

Put on your funny glasses
When I am flailing, crying
I lie, you lie, we wake up
At different times

Maybe G-rated…

I don’t have to try to be
Anything, anything--amazing
Almost unsafe
How we gonna make a place
If one of us dies today?

But I still want you to want me

I’m so mad at you
But mostly mad about you too
You going to try to want?
You’ve got TO try to want to
Want me
Track Name: Demon-Destroyer
Mighta been saved from a lifetime of whipped
By a pussy-willow-weeping-wet-well-belle-butter-lip
Can’t fly with your wings clipped
With you hands tied and your pants zipped
Little light, shine through the crack
With an ass so sweet, sweet heart so free (Smack!)
So you kissed her (gush, drip,
Rush, rip) Oh, the tongue slip

She’s a demon-destroyer
Better cower in your corner
Til the storm blows over

So simmering, you can’t remember what you said
You filled you head with the smell of her sweat
Remorse, regret
Coulda fed her, coulda bed her, shoulda not led
Itching to end the guilt
But the red’s been shed and the gut’s been spilt
though you never came, never cried her name
You afraid that you ain’t done yet

She’s a demon-destroyer
Better cower in your corner
Til the storm blows over

Little hitch-hiker, hearth throbbing
Pull over, ticking bomb
Explode across your pretty world
Don’t you know, never trust such a pretty girl
Tail tucked, you run away
Poor babe, did she f*** with your control?
Now you dig deep, better dig dig deep
‘Cause it gonna be tough to bury this bone

She’s a demon-destroyer
Better cower in your corner
Til the storm blows over
Track Name: Rooster Shoes
I discovered the backyard
A place where I could be alone
Render myself in reckless abandon
Sometimes I have to leave my home
Render myself in reckless abandon

I projected a tune upon him
To move my stubborn soul
He wasn’t his, he didn’t get to choose
He was my own
And I can’t hope to shake him
Til I wake and see He isn’t real
I made him up
He’s fake and I can break him
I can break him

Break it open
Break it down
Render yourself in abandon

Contiguous homes
Elephants with translucent bones
This being so close
But still being alone
AND All theSE feelings I am feeling
Are leaving me outside OF my control
It is lonely, this grieving
Don’t you know

Remember papa said he has faith in your soul
He said he’D put iron shoes on the rooster for you
He said he would open the door
BECause all the stories say
You can’t do this alone

Put the iron shoes onTO the rooster
Open the door
Rooster shoes, ROOSTER SHOES
Open doors, OPEN DOORS

One moment I explode
Then burrow down into a hole
Sew myself together again
So I can explode again
Sever myself from the seeking
Of electronic reception
Where meaning’s a tiny fraction at best
Of being together and touching
I can’t make love to a phantom
Be thrown down, shot full of capital Is and Os
So flush the cell phone down the toilet
Throw the laptop out the window
Render yourself in reckless abandon
Track Name: Gelb (Finding Ways)
There is a cottage there
there is a cottage on the mountain
the lights are shining
the lights are shining golden
we hear the man who lives there
he mends the broken creatures
he mends their broken wings
he mends their broken parts
he mends their broken eyes
he mends their broken hearts
I think we need to see him
we need to go to see him

finding ways to think about it
stead of ways to feel about it
Can I be myself without
i can’t be myself without it

so if we climb that hill
and cannot find the golden light
i will take off my shoes
squeeze the mud between my toes
skip a stone across the night
then i will find a tree
and i will kiss the tree
then i will take my axe
and i will cut it down alone
then i will strip its bark
and i will build a cottage of my own

finding ways to think about it
stead of ways to feel about it
Can I be myself without
i can’t be myself without it
Track Name: Palm Of Rubies
Got an unfortunate mark upon my throat
So they say I wouln’t make a good ninja
Little heart, set me apart
‘Cept in the dark, where I hunt and kill ya

Your smile
Make my heart
Into a parrot


I wanna show you what I do best
The rest won’t matter any more
We’ll dance across a bed
In a house at the foot of a mountain

Your smile
Make my heart
Into a parrot

Wild angry and caged
She don’t know, she don’t know how to behave

For you I could be the girl in the movie
More me than I’ve ever been before
More alive, more on fire
You know fire, you wield, you throw me

Rubies in the palms of my hands
Your hands upon my bare back
Pull me in, my skin, respond
A palm of rubies

Got a palm a palm of rubies….
Your smile…